Our Services

Achieve your financial goals. Henderson Budget Service offer a wide range of rewarding solutions which are all personalised to your specific needs.


Henderson Budget Service will provide advice and act as your representative when negotiating debt with your creditors

Household Budgets

Henderson Budget Service can put together a budget, cash flow and debtors schedule to help you manage your money.

Debt consolidation, KiwiSaver hardship and Insolvency Procedures

Reducing payments, consolidating debt, increasing income, reducing spending, accessing KiwiSaver Hardship – (if appropriate), are all ways of dealing with debt that we can advise on or help with. If all options appear to be exhausted then Henderson Budget Service can help you with information on insolvency including Summary Instalment Order, No Asset Procedure and Bankruptcy. Our staff help to guide you through this process.

Water utility Consumer Assistance

Henderson Budget Service can help you with applying and making sure you meet the criteria.

Community Education/Money Mates

Henderson Budget Service provides community education sessions and tailor the information provided to each group. Henderson Budget Service currently provides education in schools from years 7 -12.

Each session is designed to give people advice, introduction to skills and information about where to go for help when people are in financial difficulty.

Workplace Education

Managing money well and avoiding debt is a key component of well-being. Our workplace education package encourages and teaches healthy behaviour with money to reduce stress and worry. This is offered to employers as a component of providing a caring and healthy workplace. Money worries do affect staff performance.

If you think the staff in your employment would benefit from this information, then Henderson Budget Service would be happy to meet with you to discuss this.